Marketing and Sales

There is strong and unsatisfied consumer demand for truffles both in New Zealand and throughout the rest of the world. But it is not all smooth sailing and can still be hard work to quickly move larger amounts of truffle before it starts to deteriorate. Most sales still occur in France, Italy and Spain, but Asia is a rapidly increasing area of demand. Because of the seasonality of truffle production, new supplies from New Zealand and Australia will complement existing supply from the northern hemisphere, with the overall effect of a better spread of product worldwide throughout the year.

The black truffle can be stored for 1-2 weeks if chilled, but flavor and texture will deteriorate after this. It is therefore highly important that there is little delay between the time of collection and final use whether that is in a New Zealand restaurant or in the northern hemisphere. Many of the French and Italian are conservative and protectionist about receiving winter truffles during their summer, there is a lot of disbelief and it is one of the barriers that sellers in both New Zealand and Australia need go through. On the flip side they have a truffle savvy market, knowing how to retain and channel that unique smell and taste that is the fundamental appeal of truffles through hundreds of years of inherited knowledge that is not yet readily available here in New Zealand.

Kings Truffles have already begun to break this barrier, establishing a number of interested parties elsewhere, in Europe, the USA, China and other parts of Asia, with the aim of establishing long term supply arrangements at very attractive prices. Many Asian consumer markets already have very well established culinary habits based around eating edible fungi.

Kings Truffles also has well established relationships with several high end restaurants, wineries and culinary chefs in New Zealand.

Don’t want the hassle of marketing your own truffle? Get in touch with Jax to discuss the option of Kings Truffles acting on your behalf or buying directly from you. Kings Truffles are already supplying top chefs throughout the country as well as producing and developing several truffle products. Acting as your agent, this could include:

  • Kings Truffles to buy truffle direct from you
  • Independently testing and grading your truffle
  • Cleaning and preparation of your truffle ready for sale
  • All marketing collateral
  • Kings Truffles are MPI Registered