Truffle Site Analysis

If you have already done your truffle research as well as read through the Kings Truffles website, you may be ready to take the next step in learning more about the exciting world of truffles.

Kings Truffles offers a personal analysis and report of initial site selections for the establishment of truffieres. Alternatively, if you are looking into finding out about management for your site or already established truffiere we work on a case by case arrangement. You let us know what you want advice on and if we are able to help we supply you with a quote before going any further.

We prefer to come to your site but sometimes this is hard with busy work schedules as well as some growers in remote areas. This is why we are happy to be flexible and try and cater to your needs. Please ring or email today to discuss what would work for you.

  • Soil sample (provided by you, please check with us for a list of things to get tested)
  • Temperatures using your own records or public temperature records for the area
  • Rainfall using your own records or public temperature records for the area
  • Ability to irrigate
  • Potential problems in the area
  • Advice on site potential based on the above findings
  • Planting design
  • Cultivation
  • Weed control
  • Pruning
  • Soil testing and fertilising
  • Irrigation
  • Dog Handling
Any information or advice provided by Kings Truffles, either verbal or written, with regard to any aspects of truffle husbandry is not guaranteed to result in desired, expected, or suggested outcomes for any client. This is not withstanding that Kings Truffles acts with best intentions and has proven success in producing truffles.

Knowledge is gained from over 10 years in the industry, 5 of which we have been producing, harvesting and marketing our own truffles. This is supported by regular truffle workshops and contact with New Zealand, Australian, Spanish and French experts.

“I found Jax Lee of Southern Cross Truffles (now Kings Truffles) to be very helpful and would even say this assistance was compulsory as I was entering a field where I had no knowledge. The amount of pitfalls that you would encounter without this advice would be enormous. I am certain that Jax has saved me about 5 years of trial and error.”
Robert Grice, Ashburton

Enquire today to discuss your needs and receive a quote