Truffle Tree – ilex/melanosporum

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Please note that Kings Truffles mainly produces trees on an order basis and does not tend to hold large numbers of stock. If you are wanting to plant a large scale truffiere and receive quantity discounts (over 10 trees) it is best to pre-order your trees by filling out our order form and returning no later than September for an autumn delivery. For more information on the trees, production, testing and order form click here.

Since 2007 Kings Truffles have been successfully infecting tree seedlings with truffle spore that are tested in house to ensure top quality infection rates. Many of these truffle trees are now producing truffles for their growers and with the number of truffle trees supplied to growers throughout New Zealand this number is only to raise. Kings Truffles have not only supplied other growers throughout New Zealand but infect trees for planting on their own blocks, perhaps the best proof of their confidence in the standard of their trees.

Production varies greatly depending on not only tree quality but also site suitability, truffle and tree type as well as ongoing management of the trees. PLANTING AND GROWING INFORMATION HERE

In stock



2019 season’s seconds. Must go!

The Perigord black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) makes up the bulk of truffle trees presently grown in New Zealand but tends to be very site specific in order to succeed. The black truffle is harvested in the winter months (June, July and August in New Zealand).