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Available in June

A powerful aroma with sweet forest-floor notes and a distinct flavour that drives foodies crazy, this truffle is known as the “black diamond” of the kitchen. The flesh of a ripe Tuber melanosporum is a dark black-purple with white-pink veins running through it creating a beautiful marble type effect. Truffles are made all the more valuable with a short season and shelf life, so be in quick and enjoy while in season!

Kings Truffles strives to supply only the highest quality of black truffle (Tuber melanosporum).

Grown by mimicking nature as closely as possible in order to successfully produce these romantic delicacies. Secluded truffieres with soils derived from limestone rock and an ideal microclimate make for some of the best tasting truffles grown in New Zealand.

Harvested, cleaned and graded by hand to ensure the sweet, earthy aroma is of the highest standard to ensure an unforgettable culinary experience.

Truffles are perishable goods so please ensure that someone is present to receive the package and NO rural delivery addresses are supplied.

Truffles are priced at $3.50/gram. Minimum order amount of 20grams.

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The Kings Truffles harvest season runs from early winter (June) through until late winter (August, September), though the precise start and finish dates of harvesting can vary considerably from season to season depending on the weather.

For storage and serving suggestions check out our Truffles Recipes


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  1. Rolf Kratz

    Super product, on par with the European black truffles.

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