jaxdiggerandtruffleJacqueline (Jax) Lee, brings a strong background in sales and marketing (she has a degree in graphic design and a post graduate diploma in business studies majoring in marketing), along with practical farming and truffle nursery experience, to the team.

She has visited both France and the United States to observe different growing techniques and for marketing purposes retrospectively. She loves dogs and her current truffle dog, Digger, is a successful and proven truffle hunter, whilst her newest member to the team Freddy, is fast becoming a truffle hunting pup in her own right with several truffles already found even before her formal training!

Jax Lee
Jax LeeGeneral Manager
To plan and implement the management of SCT’s truffiere sites, ensuring a high standard of husbandry to maximise truffle production.
To plan and carry out truffle tree seedling nursery management of SCT facilities as well as truffle infection services offered to Southern Woods Nursery.
To plan and carry out all marketing activities (tree sales, site consultations, truffle dog services, truffle sales) to ensure the high brand image of SCT is developed and maintained making SCT the go to for the New Zealand truffle industry.

Job Purpose

Jax is the General Manager of Southern Cross Truffles. She manages all husbandries for trees managed by SCT and with this experience is able to act in a consulting role as well as being the key person in organising sales and marketing of truffles. She is also coordinating overall harvesting services, including the provision of other trained dogs to hunt for truffles.

Jax also looks after all the nursery facilities, contracting her service to Southern Woods Nursery to infect tree seedlings with truffle spore, as well as infecting all of Southern Cross Truffles seedlings for sale. Jax has done this since 2007 and has consistently managed to gain a positive infection rate when the trees are certified before sale.

Jax also enjoys competing in running events, along with Bill, with the favourite race of the running calender being the Molesworth where they enter a Lee family team with each runner to do a half marathon (runs in the family, no pun intented).

After working for Hiking New Zealand she also loves to get out around New Zealand and find herself in the middle of nowhere (as long as the insect repellant is packed).