Truffles in the Media

Bottoms up as record breaking New Zealand truffle infuses tasty brew – A giant truffle unearthed in North Canterbury has found its way into a special-edition local ale. ChristchurchNZ, July 30th 2018

Craft beer to enjoy a truffle twist – Something craft beer drinkers something to cheer about. (please note the truffle weighed 1367grams not amount reported).  North Canterbury News, July 12th 2018

Whopping truffle from Waipara Farm sets NZ record – Read about Kings Truffles’ record breaking truffle that was used in their truffled butter and in a truffled beer. Stuff, July 6th 2018

The best places to enjoy the sought-after truffle – For a tasty truffle experience in Canterbury. Neat Places, July 19th 2017

Fruit of the soil – A father and daughter spend years working to create a successful truffle industry in North Canterbury and their dogs are finding increasing amounts of valuable black gold. Hyundai Country Calendar, Season 2016, Episode 38, December 3rd 2016

Black Gold – Taste talks to Jax Lee of King’s Truffles in North Canterbury about growing, harvesting and eating ‘black gold’. Taste, July/August 2015

Digging For Gold – Fit for a king. Cantanbrian father and daughter team Bill and Jax Lee are turning over new ground to establish the largest truffle company in New Zealand. Update, CECC, issue #163, page 40-41. June 2015

The price of perfection – An easy read about Southern Cross Truffles. Canterbury Today, issue #125. April 2014

A nose for business – Read about the team at NZ Truffle Dogs and a typical day while hunting truffles, as well as find some great truffle recipies. New Zealand Life and Leisure, September 2013

Fresh fast food – Jacob Brown – Try a recipe using Perigord black truffle supplied from Southern Cross Truffles, braised lamb shoulder with miso and black truffle. Radio New Zealand National, (recipe starts at 4.45minutes into pod cast), 9/8/2013

Weekend wine – Yvonne Lorkin – Now you need a wine to match the meal outlined by chef Jacob Brown. Try Yvonne Lorkin’s match for the braised lamb shoulder from the craft beer celebration Beervana in Wellington. Radio New Zealand National, 9/8/2013

The truffle kerfuffle – The grove is one of Nelson’s handful of truffieres, and its owners, Peter Burton and Rebecca Hamid, were joined that morning by New Zealand Truffle Dogs’ Andy and Tracy Billingsley. Stuff, 22/7/2013

The black diamond of the kitchen – Bill and Jax Lee feature in the business pages of The Press with an article outlining the family business. The Press, 2/3/2013

US opportunity for Chch entrepreneurs – Jax Lee was awarded a US$10,000 scholarship to attend the Entrepreneurial Development Programme held by the experts at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jax won the award by pitching an investment preposal for truffles, which is a good indication of how far the New Zealand industry has progressed with regard to finacial feasibility, as more and more is being learnt on how to successfully grow and market truffles. The Press, Stuff, 19/12/2012