As mentioned in previous blogs we had to put one of our dogs down this season. I can not stress enough, the importance of organising how you will locate and harvest your truffle at the start of the season. Options are avaliable to you with some great dog handlers making themselves avaliable to the industry BUT the good/proven ones are busy early on so you need to plan ahead of the game with this.

The other option… train your own!

If you are confident with training and handling dogs it is a good option to have your own truffle dog/s. And it just so happens Freddy has had 10 puppies (1 x choc female, 5 x choc male and 4 x black male)  bred especially to become truffle dogs! The proud father is no other than the famous Pluto from Susan Morton’s truffle team. The puppies should have a great head start, with both parents proven truffle dogs and a great cross for working scent dogs. I am sure that we will start seeing signs of this early on when they have established full site and have a few more motor skillls!

I have already started the training process by applying truffle oil to Freddy’s nipples whilst the puppies are suckling. When they are a little older I will start introducing a bit of play involiving truffled toys to estabish what pups of the litter are showing an early sign of becoming a truffle dog star.

Unfortunately I will not be able to keep all them, so if any one is keen to buy one as a truffle dog, gun dog or an energetic family pet please let me know.

Pluto: 2 year old, Chocolate Labrodor (owner Susan Morton)

Freddy: 2.5 year old, black, 3/4 Labrodor, 1/4 German Short Haired Pointer (owner Jax Lee)

The puppies are selling for $800 each and will be 6 weeks on the 23rd November. It has been recommended by Susan, animal behavioural consultant, that the puppies benefit the extra 2 weeks with their mum, if not a little longer, but this also depends on the handler and their confidence and ability. So happy to discuss holding the puppy for a little longer if desired. Great time of year with summer holidays and warm nights to establish the important relationship of mans best friend!

I wil be sure to update you with the puppy progress soon!