Taste Truffle

I would encourage all of you to get your hands on this beautiful magazine. So many amazing recipes that I am slowly working my way through. I aim to make a new dish once a week as quite often I need to hunt out new ingredients and in the rush of the week, following a recipe can chew up valuable time. Come the weekend I love the process of preparing something just a little special and it is a great excuse to stay inside close to the fire in the last few weeks of winter.

Having said all that I am also shamelessly letting you know that there is an article in this issue on Kings Truffles 😉


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About the Author:

Jax is the General Manager of Kings Truffles. She manages all husbandries and harvesting for over 5000 trees managed by KT and with this experience is able to act in a consulting role as well as being the key person in organising sales and marketing of truffles. Jax also looks after the nursery side of the company.