As the harvest season draws to an end, it is time for an update, albeit a little late. It has been a funny season for the Kings Truffles North Canterbury truffle block. A very slow start with a lot of rain, warm temperatures and no frosts in an area that is usually the complete opposite (if you spoke to me this time last season it was complaints of too much snow on the ground). But once we had a few good frosts the truffles started to get that all familiar sweet smell and were ready for harvest. No big finds like last season when we found three truffles over 500grams, but a positive is that many more trees are now in production and spreading into new areas throughout the truffiere, something that is better in the long run. The truffles were on the whole significantly smaller, between the 10 – 30gram size, but a lot more of them.

Digger, our Australian Kelpie dog, has really improved his skills and his ability to work more trees for longer. This has been a huge help to feel confident that the truffle block has been searched properly and that we are finding a large percentage of what is there. Freddy is still learning but has had some good finds, it is just a matter of honing her never ending energy into finding truffles and not all that is in between!