Kings Truffles is in the midst of finally developing a base for the business and all the activities in Waipara, North Canterbury.

Kings Truffles will be developing some of the land ready for planting truffle infected trees, while the remaining land will continue as a vineyard. The tree production tunnel house is on site so it will be a great place to come have a coffee and catch up with what we are doing. Not only this but it is a pleasant 15 minute drive to the Kings Truffles block that is producing.

The new tunnel house has already been erected and now it is a mad rush getting it ready for infecting the tree seedlings with the truffle spore which will start in the next few weeks. Most of the truffle trees that are going to be produced this season are for this new home base where around 2,500 trees will be planted in Autumn 2015. Kings Truffles does however produce trees to order if you know you are wanting to plant truffle trees in 2015.