One of the increasing problems for the New Zealand truffle industry is the shortage of well trained and performing truffle dogs. Now that sites are harvesting on a regular basis many truffle dog handlers are signing up to work for only a handful of producing sites and hunting solely these properties every week.

Kings¬†Truffles’ dogs are also becomming increasling busy with our own sites having more and more trees coming into production. We already have two working dogs and one in training but will be looking at bredding to add to our team after the winter harvest season is finished.

It does mean that growers should be giving more serious thought to how they are going to locate their truffles. Wether it is training their own dog, going into a syndicate with local growers to train a dog that they all have access to, or make sure they have an agreement with a dog handler to insure that they are on thier books. What ever you decide on, I suggest you make plans early so that you take advantage of producing trees.