The season has well and truly started for the year at our Waipara, North Canterbury site.

Tracy and Andrew Billingsley visited with two of their new truffle pups in training mid May. The pups did really well and marked several spots for us.

But it wasn’t until the second week of June that I got that really sweet, earthy smell of a ripe Perigord truffle in the ground. It was the first mark for Digger for the season and there were 5 more great finds that day.

After a refresher in her training, Freddy has also got her first find on the board and is learning fast, with a LOT of energy!

Unfortunately the weather has not been co-operating with us so far and there have been some very wet weeks. Not only was our access road closed for a few days but once I got up to the site we have had a few rotten finds as well as the irrigation inlet disappearing. This is why we always stress the importance of free draining soil but sometimes it is just out of our control – one of the exciting (and frustrating) things about growing truffles.

Will keep you posted on how the rest of the season pans out or keep an eye on our facebook page.