In the last Kings Truffles newsletter we were lucky enough to have some truffle growers share their experiences so far. This newsletter we have another couple of enthusiasts who are willing to share the details of their truffle site and the husbandry that has taken place so far. Here is what the Moyles have to say about their truffle site:

“Details of our site:

  • We planted 50 evergreen oaks (purchased and infected by Southern Cross Truffles) in July 2010 and a further 24 in August 2011.
  • Our soil is Claremont Loom and had a PH of 7.6 in 2012. The block is north facing.
  • We applied 20T of lime p/ha before the planting and rabbit fenced our block.
  • The trees are planted 4m apart and the rows are 8m apart – leaving plenty of room to work between the rows mechanically.
  • Buster is used for weed control, when necessary, and rodent bait stations have been put in place.
  • We started using truffle boost in 2012. We also had irrigation put in place, from a dam beside the block of trees, in Feb 2013.
  • Originally we thought grass between the rows would be tidy and easy care, but after attending Kings Truffles field day and learning that cultivation may be an advantage we have now sprayed out the grass and cultivated between the rows. We have not worked too close to the trees at this stage, but this will be up for review next season.
  • We have applied 2 applications of truffle boost this season with another 2 to go on before the end of January. We are slightly behind schedule with this.
  • Another 11 T of track lime rock was applied at the beginning of November 13 fairly close to the trees.


The service and support we receive from Jax Lee and her family at Kings Truffles is very professional and helpful to the development of our truffle growing. Jax is willing to pass on any knowledge she has, or available to her, and shows interest and is encouraging us to develop a successful truffle growing business.”