Things are tracking along nicely here at the Aoraki Truffle site. Our 417 trees have been in for approximately 14 months with good spring growth coming through now the trees are starting to establish themselves. The trees vary in size throughout the site from about 15cm to the tallest being 1 meter, with the average being about 40cm in height.

We have removed some of the combi guards from some of the trees as a trial to see how they harden up and they are loving it, so as they start to pop their heads over the guards we will remove them leaving only the smaller one’s guarded for the coming winter.

Have also got on top of the spring jobs of spraying, irrigating, pest control and mowing with the site looking in great condition. We have received our third soil testing result with the site sitting at a pH of 7.2-7.3.The Ravensdown rep gave us a follow up call about the results and said the pH will continue to climb over the next year as we have applied 33 ton of lime on the block to move the pH from 6-6.2 to the current result, with 7.8 being the target. He also made comment that our soil is in great condition for growing any crop with no extra fertilizing required at this stage.

The training of Tiki our (Boarder Terrier) and Pierre our (French Bulldog) has been going well with the both of them in tune with the truffle aroma being truffle and truffle oil, and the treats they get if they find the hidden samples, though we are still working inside the house at the moment and will move outside into the yard in the new year.

After researching the truffle industry for two or more years and buying our 1.5 hectare block of land in Temuka to join the truffle industry, the consultation we received from Kings Truffles gave Dawne and I the confidence to move onto the next step and make our dream become a reality. From the bare block of land we had to prepare then planting of the trees and getting the irrigation in, and now we finally moved into our new home back in June this year, so to say the least we have had a busy couple of years but it has been well worth the effort.

We look forward to our future within the truffle industry and our on-going working relationship with Bill and Jax form Kings Truffles.