The first field day that Kings Truffles has held at the Waipara block was on the 4th August. I would like to report that it was a great success, with a manageable crowd (apart from when the truffle butter scones were presented) of truffle enthusiasts (or what we started referring to with some affection as truffle nutters). It was great to finally meet a lot of you and swap notes on what is being achieved in the truffle industry at the moment.

For those who did not make it we had two guest speakers. Firstly David Jobe from EcoCover, talked through the environmentally friendly weed mat. The weed mat products build soil carbon levels, are organic, compostable and biodegradable, conserve water, reduce plant mortality, control weeds, promote plant and crop growth, moderate soil temperature, reduce soil erosion, sequester CO2, reduce plant losses, eliminate or reduce herbicide use, are a carrier of beneficial additives for the soil and save you money. We have yet to use them but are looking forward to trialing some with our autumn planting with the belief that they will be perfect to stop weed growth inside the tree guards for the first few years of establishment.

Secondly, Graeme Pile a fertigation specialist from Fertigation Systems ( spoke. Graeme has a great understanding on tree growth and the benefits that a healthy soil can have for a tree. They also stock plenty of humates to add to your Buster when spraying.

Both Bill and Jax then spoke about the history of the block, what has been working for the site, what is going to be done this spring and then some of their hopes for the future of the site. It is with this sharing that they hope when people return in a few years they can see a markable difference in the husbandries and the positive affect this has had on production size.