It has been a great start to the season for us up at our site in North Canterbury. Whilst pottering around the truffle site I looked over to see our new puppy, Freddy, digging at the ground. Thinking that it was one of our producing trees and not wanting her to disturb the ground in fear of harming growing truffles, I walked over to stop her. Blow me down she had found her first truffle, and our first for the season!

Though this was not actually fully ripened, it was this that made me think I better start running Digger, our fully trained truffle dog, over the trees. Since that day we have been marking truffles (not quite yet ripe) and then later harvesting most visits to the site and have already exceeded the amount we harvested last season. So don’t be disheartened if you only find one or two your first season, the production really does start to increase rapidly!

There have been other reports of the Perigord black truffle also being found, and ripe, up in Nelson. What a great start to a season that seems to only be getting better! Maybe we can thank all those thunder storms we had over the Christmas period.