Nick Malajczuk comes over from Australia once a year to independently test the trees that Kings Truffles infects with truffle spore. I am happy to report that yet again we have done the job!

Here is some of what Nick had to say about the report he did on the seedlings raised at Southern Woods Nursery on the 8th April 2013.

“The assessment was based on the methods developed by INRA, France and involved both visual assessment of the root system under a binocular microscope and eye. The black truffle fungus forms characteristic brown mycorrhizal roots with tuffs of hyphae, which occasionally radiate from the surface of the mycorrhizal root. The black truffle fungus formed by Tuber melanosporum can generally be readily distinguished from other truffle fungi and more so from other competitors such as Scleroderma or Hebeloma species. Tuber borchii mucorrhizas are similar to that of melanosporum but lack tuffs of mycelium and generally are covered with external mycelium.”

He then finishes with what we were all waiting to read…

“There was little evidence of any contaminating fungi on the roots of these seedlings suggesting that the method of production of inoculated seedlings is excellent. I would recommend that the seedlings are saleable.”